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Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser Installation Service

Secure your precious possessions from modern day car thieves by using our TASSA approved, DBS security checked and Ghost immobilisers that are trained by our system service.

The Ghost system is completely quiet and operates on the CAN data network of your vehicle. It isn't able to be detected by thieves using diagnostic tools because it does not emit any radio signals.

Easy to install

Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a market leading discrete, anti-theft device that will protect your car from hacking, key cloning and key theft. It uses your vehicles buttons to generate the pin code push sequence which must be entered in order to start your car. This stops thieves from taking your keys and driving away with your joy and pride, or at the very minimum, delaying your journey to repair your car!

The system is easy to install with an approved installer such as Car Theft Solutions and doesn't require any wire cutting during installation. It connects directly to the CAN data network in your vehicle, so there are no 'fobs ' or indicators' to show the presence of the system. This makes it extremely difficult for a modern burglar to spot and is in contrast to passive anti theft devices like steering wheel locks.

The Ghost 2 will make your Porsche virtually impossible to track down thieves. If they attempt to start the engine without a pin number or app authorization, the engine will be blocked. The system is able to do this by using the factory buttons on the steering wheel and central console. You can create a unique sequence of buttons (similar to pin numbers) that you must use to start the engine.

You can set the Ghost in Valet and Service mode after you have created your own personal disarming sequence. This will allow you to still start your car if it's being serviced or taken to a garage to work however it will only let you do so with your pre-set app or pin. If you forget your pin you can make use of the app to get an alternative one, so that you don't have to worry about sharing it to anyone who shouldn't be driving your car!

The Ghost 2 also features QR finger print labels that are registered to you and linked to the International Security Register. This provides an extra degree of security in the event that your vehicle is broken for parts, as the unique code enables your vehicle to be immediately traced back to you.


The car thieves are more sophisticated than ever before, and technology has advanced to keep up. Stealth immobilisers were developed to stop your car from becoming their next target. Ghost immobilisers operate independently of the vehicle's factory-installed alarm or tracker security devices. They offer an additional protection that cannot be tampered.

This modern technology connects to your vehicle's CAN Data Network and a personal PIN code sequence is programmed by pressing the buttons on your steering wheel door cards or central console. The Ghost immobiliser will not start the engine if the unique code isn't entered prior to starting it. This stops the driver and passengers from driving away.

The device is small enough that it can be hidden in the vehicle wiring loom to ensure it is undetectable. It's weatherproof and silent and does not emit radio frequency signals so it isn't detected by the sophisticated RF scanning or code-grabbing technologies certain thieves employ. It's also low maintenance as it's linked to the CAN Data Network and can't be removed with simple wire cutting.

If you plan to sell your car at any point, the Ghost immobiliser can be transferred to a new vehicle if it meets compatibility requirements. This means that if you switch vehicles while you own the Ghost it will not become obsolete, which is a huge benefit for those who take pride in their automobiles.

In contrast to older immobilisers The Ghost does not require a separate key fob or LED indication to function, which means it is able to be used in darkness. The PIN can be as brief or as long as you like (up to 20 presses) and it can be changed in case of emergency in case you forget your PIN. It is also possible to put it into valet and service mode, so that your car can be driven for a brief period of time in the event that you need to leave it with valet or mechanic to do some work, without needing to remember the PIN.

Unrecognizable to thieves

Standard factory-installed immobilisers safeguard your vehicle by preventing it from starting if you do not have the correct code and key fob. However an immobiliser called a ghost immobiliser fitting [Get the facts] immobiliser operates in a different manner. It works by connecting to the CAN data circuit, and communicating with your car's electronic control unit. This means that thieves can't bypass the system using programming or other methods. It's also silent and does not emit radio signals. This makes it hard to detect.

This means that if you have a rare or expensive vehicle, Ghost can keep your pride and joy out of the hands of thieves. You can be confident that the money you put in customizing or altering your car is secured.

Ghost is a subtle and simple device that is integrated into the wiring of your car, meaning it will not interfere with the aesthetics of your vehicle. It connects to the CAN network and communicates with the steering wheel or center console buttons. It's easy to install and is able to be concealed so that it's unnoticeable to thieves. It's also low-maintenance, and doesn't require a battery or radio signal which means it's not vulnerable to hacking or replicating.

The autowatch Ghost-II anti-key clone immobiliser a sleek new gadget that's able to provide your car with advanced security. The first CAN bus-based aftermarket immobiliser that has been verified by TASSA, this system is essential for anyone who is concerned about the safety of their vehicle.

It is essential to avoid car thefts, since they are increasing. The Ghost immobiliser is a fantastic solution. This system is able to block your engine until you enter a unique pin number or download the app on your smartphone. This makes it impossible for a burglar to start your car, even if you have the keys.

Investing in a Ghost immobiliser is a small price to pay to have peace of mind. It can be a heartbreaking experience, especially if you have spent an enormous amount of money and time into your vehicle. The Ghost immobiliser will ensure that your car's pride and joy stays where it is.

Does not leave marks on the body of the vehicle

An immobiliser is a device to prevent your vehicle from being driven away without your key fob. Since 1998, immobilisers are mandatory for all new vehicles. They are installed in your vehicle's CAN network so thieves cannot detect their presence or disable them by cutting wires. This makes it virtually impossible for thieves to steal your car because they won't be capable of starting the engine without your key fob or mobile phone using the Autowatch app downloaded. This is especially important if you've invested time and money on customizing your vehicle since it will prevent thieves from stealing it without your permission.

The Ghost 2 immobiliser is able to be mounted in a hidden position so that it can't be visible to anyone not trained. It is connected to the CAN, and works through your ECU (engine control unit). It is very small, works silently and has no radio signals, so it can't be spotted by thieves. The Ghost is equipped with a built-in battery that can be replaced and will continue to function even if there is a power failure.

The Ghost will require that the pin code be entered to begin the car. The app on your phone will allow you to enter the code so that only you can know the code. You can also put your vehicle in Service/Valet Mode which permits it to start with no PIN code. This is beneficial for those who want to take your vehicle to valet or garage. You can change your PIN at any time to gain extra peace of mind.

As thieves become more sophisticated and sophisticated, the technology used to stop them has to improve as well. The Ghost is a prime example of this, since it will protect your prized possessions from theft by stopping key cloning, hacking, and even preventing them from obtaining keys in the first place. The Ghost is a top-rated aftermarket immobiliser which is TASSA certified, which means that insurance companies are able to recognize it and offer lower premiums for drivers. If you're concerned that new thieves are increasing and you'd like to reduce your risk the ghost immobiliser installers near me is the ideal solution.
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